Monday, June 29, 2009

Have knitting, will travel

SUCH a busy hat weekend. And everything I did was in multiple colours. Mobility issues! And since I couldn't get out of being mobile, I adapted:

Why are you carrying a coffee bag? people kept asking me any time I lifted it out of my larger bag full of other travel oddments. Um, no reason really...

(forgive me the plastic tub, Helena; it kept the in-play ball rolling and preventing the needles from poking out the bottom of the bag.)

I was busy with knitting bits even before I heard about the 1,000 Hats, which means the at-home display bucket is overfull with my multiple projects-on-the-go as well:

But my irrational overcommitment habits paid off. I got many nice shots of a completed First Hat, and Second Hat has another hour's work in it, just in time for me to meet my unrelated June 30 deadline and move on to the three deadlines I face at the end of this week. Thank you for all your good wishes - they worked!

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