Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mary, it's your stash. We need to talk.

I know I've said this before but man. I've gone from 0 to 120 on the stash front in the past three and a half months (and bought more this week. But I needed it, honest!)

It's a funny thing about stash. The more you have, the more it talks to itself, and then it sort of gangs up on you. Here I thought I'd fall out of love with the early purchases and only care about what just came in the door, but no. I still love the old stuff. Sometimes I bought for that love and now I'm getting inspiration for what to do with it, and sometimes I bought for an idea I had that didn't pan out, but I love the yarn all the same, apart from the purple stringlike wool that would make a good bag maybe, and has moved out of the Active Stash buckets into no-knitter's land until I get around to making said bag.

My point: now that I have pressing projects in hand, my stash is getting impatient. Let's take a look at drawer #1, in which I keep hand-dyed superwash wool. Except for the Tanis Fiber Art, which got its own drawer, owing to my going a little crazy when I got to see it in person at a big Knit Fest this spring.

There is a lot of Twisted Fiber Art here (pause for drooling) but you probably recognized all of that because I talk about it so much.

And tucked in between brighter colours on the left is an ordinary-looking beige morsel which, ha! is actually a bison blend that cost a bomb and is probably destined for socks, though I can't help thinking mitts whenever I get to groping it.

I also have a few things from The Black Lamb, including that rich blue skein which is half superwash merino and half silk and all unspeakably awesome. See that brick/yellow/green one? that one is begging to be socks. It's the same yarn I'm using in the stripy part of the Adventure Sweater and the feel of it knit up is comparable to Vesper Sock Yarn. Which is, I must tell you, Saying Something.

And up in the top right corner is a delicious skein of A Piece of Vermont's Homestead Aran Superwash... 185 yards of green-tinted 'Fade'. That one is whispering haaaaat, and I think also miiiiiiiiiten, in a taunting but delightful way. I probably can't get a whole hat and mitts out of it, unless I pair it with a second yarn as an accent, which is pretty do-able especially since Jessie has more in colours of great gorgeousness.

However, I won't be knitting any of those things anytime soon, because of the Other Obligations to which I have been alluding. Leave it to the stash to get all uppity about being left out. Don't worry, stash. It's not for long. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

You know what's great about a big stash? Eventually, you will forget what you bought early on, and then one day, as you're rummaging around, you'll run across yarn that you have no memory of acquiring. It's like Christmas in your Closet.