Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knitting myself into a corner

So. I'm well on my way with the three projects I started a couple of months ago, and I have three more in the wings (one of which will be another freebie posted here, heh heh heh).

When, one might ask, am I finding time to write? Since that is after all my Real Calling.

The answer:

I'm not, and I don't quite know when I will be, though I'm hopeful I will be working on a novel throughout July.

In the meantime, the half-dozen knitting projects are very small and - no, wait, there's one more, also probably a future freebie if it works, or two if you count the second socks with the heel and toe yarn I have not yet ordered.

And then of course I'll be repeating mittens at least five times more, but that can be travel knitting over the next six months.

Probably this is where a lesser woman might start to worry, but I'm not lesser (in that way, today at least), and why?

Because I just hired somebody else to do house painting for me this summer. That's right. I delegated. I never delegate! But I should definitely do it more often, because knowing that I can work on my novel or knit endless Christmas presents while other people take care of my annual paint extravaganza is preeeetttty darned blissful.

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