Friday, June 26, 2009

In the pink

Last night when my eyes were already sore from speed knitting I discovered I had dropped a stitch an hour's work previously, in a place where crochet-hook-pickup was not an option, just before elaborate patterning that sets the stage for the rest of the hat. I had no choice but to frog.

And now I will pause to recover myself before telling you...

... I got more yarn in the mail this week:

Heels and toes for my next socks! which will be top down, with a super roomy cuff, and honestly, I should be able to do something cool with a cable even on huge stripes, shouldn't I?

Or not. Either way it looks like I will have to wing a pattern this time, and lift instructions for the heel and toe as I go along.

And now I will go reknit the pattern patch I frogged. I'm going to try to finish that hat tomorrow so I can get started on the to-die-for second one with Jessie's yarn; if you've got any spare Good Thoughts can you send 'em my way?

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Kathleen Taylor said...

sometimes cables work with striped yarns, sometimes they don't. You'll have to experiment- but I'm thinking if they're wide stripes, that it'll be fine.