Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Writing about knitting

Right now, I am writing about knitting more than I am knitting, and what I am knitting is tiny swatches to measure yardage or count stitches and rows per inch (pre and post blocking.)

And while it's no surprise to conclude that this sort of thing is of no interest to others even if I could post about it, it is a surprise to discover that it's still endlessly fascinating to me.

Meanwhile, if you start seeing short posts with pictures of stuffed animals playing with yarn, you'll know I'm hard at work and not just procrastinating about my socks. I'm not. Even though I, ahem, used some time I could have spent on them yesterday to wind the second skein from the spring sock club.

I couldn't resist, it was too gorgeous!

And now I will get back to the swatching. But first:

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