Friday, December 11, 2009

Express (holiday) knitting

Last night I gave in to the pressure to pull together a wishlist of stuff people could give me for Christmas, something I normally avoid because even the sort of people who consistently supply wishlists that look like this:


are underwhelmed by my honest and sincere wishlist of:


So I have to think things up, and not knitting stuff either.

I mean, as long as I go on indulging myself every time I fall in love with a yarn or a book or a needle, there's no point in my putting that on the list. Unless it's going to be made use of by a fellow knitter who will know a magical thing when s/he sees it, and I haven't managed to indoctrinate any of the people on my gifting list (yet.)

But I did consider putting an Addi Express at the top of my wishes. Even at $200 (but on sale here!) it wouldn't take long for you to make your money back and then some in time saved - and just think of the sweaters you could make for people in a fraction of the time next holiday season.

Really I want an especially beautiful swift, which I won't ask for because I don't have a place to keep it. And I won't ask for socks either, or chocolate. Everybody already knows I like that.

1 comment:

melissa said...

i like the sound of that 'addi express'! i could really use one of those. hmmm...

hoping you get all your heart desires for christmas, including lots of lovely chocolate. :)