Monday, December 28, 2009

I finished the shawl!

Is the world still turning?

I thought I would never get through it! and in fact, if I hadn't had to stay home sick from Christmas Dinner, it would be on the needles even now. But I did and it's done

and Lannie loved it

and now I am FREEEEEE

to knit another one for Carol. Thankfully, hers is in heavier yarn, and I should be able to finish it before the weather is too warm to wear it. Knock wood.

Yarn update: this one was knit with just under one skein of Arial from Twisted Fiber Art, in 'Jaunty'.


Kathleen Taylor said...

oh how beautiful!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Oh, Mary, that is SO PRETTY! Which yarn did you use?

Mary Keenan said...

Oops, I've just added that relevant detail - it was Arial from TFA - 'Jaunty'. Any present to Lannie has to have a lotta pink!

Anonymous said...

Gadzow - that's fabulous. What a perfect use of that yarn.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! Mine's in a pretty pink wool - a little scratchy, but I wear it with a turtleneck. I just love it!