Thursday, December 3, 2009

When in doubt, wind

Christmas is coming so soon! and I am so not ready for it!

The sensible me:
NOT knitting for every single person on my list, like last year.

The ridiculous me:
NOT committing to projects for the few people I am knitting for.

Three people are definitely getting something knit, because I've got their things underway.

Two more might, if I can decide on a colour to use for the project that seems most likely to work for them.

Two others should, but I haven't decided on colour or pattern or yarn.

Enter winding.

What better way to maximize your stash potential while minimizing your decision-making efforts than to wind wool from skein to ball?

I had these two from Decadent Fibers (Cookie Dough and Creme Brulee, but I'm not sure which is which at the moment) custom-dyed so they would match. They both knit up on biggish needles... think I have time to make a mini poncho/shoulder warmer for an adult-sized person?

1 comment:

Kathleen Taylor said...

of course you have time. Go for it!