Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas to me

It seems like just last week I zipped into the Knitterly Things shop mere moments after it had been updated and snagged, finally! a skein of the one this-season-only sock yarn I have been unable to forget (aka The Holly and the Ivy.)

And now it's arrived:

On the First Day Of Snow, and everything. Actually wet snow and rain, which is due to freeze overnight, and be followed by two more days of snow. Perfect weather for staying in and knitting if only I could.

But let's leave all that aside for now and look a little closer for swooning purposes:

Isn't it just beautiful? It makes me feel even happier in person than it did online.

And even though the dim light from outside as I took this picture makes it seem not true, I can't help noticing how perfectly it matches up with a semisolid from the Summer Club (Ivy League), and thinking about contrasting heels and toes.

You know, just in case I was thinking it was irresponsible to buy more sock yarn.


Sally Anne said...

A girl can never have enough yarn or knitting projects on the go..knitting rules !

Anonymous said...

Dammit - you have made me want this, and I went to look, and it's in stock, and - help...!

Kathleen Taylor said...

perfect yarn for a perfect day! Wahoo!