Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now what?

I just looked at my queue to see what's coming up onto the needles next - and it could be anything.

True, I do have an 'obligation' list, but it consists of one shawl (fairly fast to make) and one hat (very fast to make), both already in progress.


I find myself frequently touching sock yarn, and in particular the beautiful blue I got from Midnight Sheep.

I have some more Precieux in a rich gorgeous red with which to make myself a really warm face-protecting hat.

I have some yarn earmarked for another really warm hat, too - a trio from Toots LeBlanc, Sally, and Jessie (lots of positive energy there!)

And then there's the rest of the stash.

But you know what? I want a sweater! Dangerous words, because I haven't knit a figure-flattering sweater since the 1980s, when 'flattering' meant 'giant bag'. So much work and then meh, is what happens when Mary Meets Sweater.

That said, I can't help looking at the new Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater ( scroll to The Green Sweater on the patterns-for-sale page). It's the romance of the story behind it that captures my imagination - how can you not be moved by the recreation of a much-loved pattern after its brilliant maker has gone? To say nothing of the fabulous photography by Jared Flood.

Must. Be. Realistic. It's a cropped cardi and nothing looks worse on me these days, never mind the draft. I need a long swingy shape - something like the gorgeous Nora's Sweater (that's a Ravelry link) on the cover of Winter 2009's Interweave Knits. In fact, Pam Powers' other patterns are pretty seriously yum, too.

Oh dear.

Maybe I should just work quietly away on the obligation list and leave these happy problems for another day?

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