Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A (crazy) little project

The funny thing about future events is they keep getting closer.  Which means that I should be focusing on baking (and freezing) cookies for December delivery to all my neighbours which has apparently become a tradition, and making a whole lotta little Christmas gifts.

Instead I cast on some Bellatrix Lestrange socks:

First Impressions

omigosh the lace.  It is so intricate and balanced. Rachel Coopey is a genius! It would have taken me ages and ages to work out so much snaky complication, but now that she's mapped it out it's quite logical to follow and once I got the cuff set up I could follow it without the chart.  That will change when I get going with the leg, but for now: yay!

Also - there is purple, and there is Evil Purple. Louise has dyed this a lovely shade of purple with hits of white ash and poison blue.  I just can't think of a better combination of theme, pattern, and yarn.  This is one irresistible project.

Reality Check

There is no way I can have these done in time to wear for Halloween.  I know that.  It would be nice if I could finish them before I open the next Biscotte Club packet on November 1, but obviously.  Me, of the two-month socks, making a pair of socks in two weeks filled with Life plus a front yard that needs decorating with leaf bag monsters and a big headless man?  Socks that are knit from an elaborate chart with the occasional cable needle activity and can therefore only be done (by me) from a comfy sofa?  Please.  Not possible.

(I'm knitting them anyway.  Let's see how far I get!)

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Unknown said...

You gotta have goals, otherwise life would be so boring. Go for it!