Thursday, October 13, 2011


Viola used to mean to me What Binnie Plays, but I'm afraid that while I esteem Binnie as much as ever (have you read her book Harbour View?  it is fabulous - so moving and often funny too) Viola now calls to mind images of yarn/colour perfection in settings I only wish I could reproduce at home.  Every time I see Emily's booth at a knitting fest I think, How Cute! and then the next time she's doing a different display and I think, She Can't Top That! and then she does, the next time.

(this time it was twisted branch letters spelling V - I - O - L - A perched on top of her display shelves.  which were also cute.)

Okay, so let's talk yarn.  Buying some Viola has become a priority at all of these shows so why should the recent Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair be an exception?  I would digress and tell you the moving story about how Emily is woven in to all the luck and blessings of my creative life but that would just keep you from the aforementioned yarn - we'll leave it at 'she helped me buy yarn for a scarf in an LYS once, and the gift of the scarf brought me to my writing mentor'.  You can see how I would want to have lots of Viola in the house all the time, for more than just its exquisiteness.

La la la, it is so hard to choose colours, so why go with Pebble?  Because it's neutral and also gorgeous, even if you don't get all the subtleties from a camera.  I bought these two skeins of 100% superwash merino in a fingering weight to make another scarf design I have been brewing for about a year, and now that I'm finishing up a bunch of small projects it's possible I can actually get going on it before January.

After I left the Fair for the day I realized GAH there was another scarf design I had neglected to buy yarn for.  Back I went, for these:

I had intended get one colour but I couldn't decide between Thistle and Chimney Smoke, and maybe a patchworky effect would be cool for that idea.  I hope so.  The other possibility for this merino/cashmere/nylon yarn is related to its being Sport Weight.  Hello, 16 more Flight of the Phoenix hats?  Because I am telling you, that pattern is addictive.


Kathleen Taylor said...

So, why have you not tried dyeing your own yarn yet? I'll bet you would love it.

Mary Keenan said...

Temptress ;^)

Binnie said...

As it happens, I, too, have a weakness for purple yarn.