Monday, October 3, 2011

First of the month Club Excitements

Normally, I open Biscotte club parcels on the first day of the month.  Sometimes I lose track of the days and I am reminded of the first only by an e-mail from Biscotte with that month's pattern in it.

This time, the pattern arrived the night before.

What am I, stone?  I totally opened that e-mail.  Was the pattern ever cool!  And when I say pattern, I mean patterns - our choice between a hat or a pair of handwarmers made using the same extremely neat-looking spiral technique I haven't done before, designed by Louise herself.

Of course I want to make both pieces, but there is only enough yarn to do one.  And I don't want to buy a different colour (at least for this first run) because this, like the last, is named for a Harry Potter moment - Flight of the Phoenix.

How can I mix something like that with something all boring and ordinary?

Like this:

Ha.  It's not a perfect colour match but it's better than it looks in the picture; close enough in that Not Clashy way and also, the same weight and similarly superwashy.  Also known as Cascade wool I bought to make a baby surprise jacket (and probably should, now I think of it.)  My plan was to make the hand warmers first, then use anything left over to start the hat so the most nonscratchy yarn is on my forehead.  Anything from Biscotte is the definition of nonscratchy, but Gobelin? yuuuuum.

I still have a lot of other projects on the go but you know how sometimes you see something and you just have to cast on right away not because you need the thing or the environment you'll be working in is the right fit, but because you just can't wait to see how it's done?  Well, file me behind that door.

See what I mean?

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