Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dream knitting

I woke up this morning thinking Wow, what a great thing to write about today!  Apparently a little essay had occurred to me, intact, while I slept. 

Now that I'm ready to sit down though it occurs to me that this belief may have been based on a dream I had about being able to buy reasonably soft undyed fingering wool in the grocery store in - if I remember correctly - the jarred olive section.  Because wool was in some way found to be good for olives when packed together.

Also in the night: I spent a very long time trying to make a phone call in a bookstore (I was hampered by not knowing what number I had to dial) and discovered a book about a little girl who knits a magical thing, the magic going awry when her stitches go wrong. 

Do you think I've been knitting too much?  Or maybe just knitting too close to bedtime?  It's true I really wanted to get the colourworky thing done fast so I would have a shot at getting the Bellatrix socks finished and fell into bed shortly after I finished.

Oh! Bellatrix! That's what I wanted to say today. 

I bought a witch's hat last night.  Not the purple spiderwebby one that would have been a perfect match for the socks, or the purple satin one covered in Victorian-like silk flowers and lumps of spidered mesh that Bellatrix herself might actually have favoured, but a red version of the spiderwebby thing.  Partly because it actually came with a cape and had a price on it (the lineup was long in the store, and the purple hat was obviously missing its cape), but partly because it locks me in to wearing my backup Halloween socks, which have an orange-green-brown stripe like pumpkins.  I need an out, right?

But when I got it home I found the hat is more of the Dunce variety than Witch.  So maybe I will just put on another big push for Bellatrix socks and forget the hat altogether. 

Or get more sleep.

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Trish said...

I never have cool dreams like that!