Monday, October 31, 2011

Sensibly overstretched

Lately I've been really focused on whittling down my projects to the smallest number possible, with a view to being less stressed over what I'm not knitting.  But then I thought about what I did on Saturday.

Early in the day - errands and such - I got further toward finishing some socks.

In the afternoon I went to a concert and brought along my second SuperSecret ScarfyThing, because I've memorized the stitch and don't have to rustle any pattern instructions, and the needles I'm using for it are veryvery quiet.

Sorry I can't show you any inside-the-bag pictures, heh.

During the evening I visited with a friend and needed something even more mindless than the nearly-finished socks, so I started a new pair of superwarm ones with some Duchess (DK, squishy) from Twisted Fiber Art.

I bought the leg colourway, featured in the spring 2011 club, because it looked like it would pair up nicely with some semisolid I'd bought before, but I see now it's off enough, almost, to clash.  Almost but not quite.  I think I'm just going to go on, and live with whatever comes out of this experiment.

Now, if I was just knitting one project, the socks would have been finished halfway through the concert and I would have had to scramble for time and ideas to cast on something new for the evening.  Or, if I'd been working only on the ScarfyThing, it would have kept me from looking attentively at my friend during our conversation.  And if I didn't get a start on the socks, brrrr.  Cold toes for weeks to come.

So I'm going to stop beating myself up for what I don't work on, and be grateful that I never have to Not Knit.  Because that would be so much worse than feeling badly over one particular Not Knit thing.

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