Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A day without knitting?

Somebody asked me when was the last time I went a day without knitting, and I really couldn't think. Even when Les died - even the day of his funeral - I knit a little.  I seem to recall though there was a day last winter when I was so terribly sick with food poisoning that I could barely lift my head off the pillow let alone get my noodle fingers to work.

I guess that's what it takes to keep me from knitting right now - disabled fingers.  It's funny to think that I went twenty years without knitting at all, and before that, when I was a teen in sweater mode, I knit only to produce cool (well, warm, technically) clothes.  I wonder whether this is a second windstorm that will pass eventually and leave me surrounded by needles and yarn I won't have any desire to touch?


Meanwhile: I finally made myself graft those sock toes yesterday.

I'm so excited to have these socks done and ready to wear:  I'm going to a Thing on Friday night for which I want to wear a new dress that matches them really well.  Maybe I can get better Finished Object pictures of them then.

And also, I finally got to open the last of my Biscotte club yarn:

You might have to click on that picture to see the special feature (hint: sparkles.)  It got a little silver in it, along with merino wool and silk and nylon.  And it's so very much my colours.

Today's challenge: a day without knitting (my new sock.)  Seriously.  In spite of getting those grafted toes out of the way, a new wrinkle popped up with another project that has to be done and dry by Friday morning.  So... that's good news, right?  I might be stopped now, but on the weekend? Look Out.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I am a sucker for sparkle. I can't wait to see what you do with the new yarn.

And I take my hat off to you- I cannot do a proper Kitchener Stitch. It's simply beyond me.

Unknown said...

I just learned to knit 11 years ago. I thought I would never stop knitting. About the 10th year I started to take it slower and had days, even weeks where I did not knit. Now I have my second wind! I tend to not knit while on vacation, I never find the time or energy!!!