Friday, November 4, 2011

Five-day socks

I did it: I totally made the second sock (in Twisted Fiber Art's Duchess) in just one day.

(with perfect striping matchup, incidentally.)

My secret? I didn't eat lunch, or remember to do three of the urgent and important chores for the day. 

Also, after taking too long to chat with Trish in the morning and then with Bob in the evening - I have no excuse for Trish, since I see her a lot, but Bob and I have both been too busy to catch up since I saw him in July so I wasn't going to turf him off the phone over a personal sock challenge - I didn't bother to graft the toes shut until today,

after a fun coffee date with Sandra.  She showed me the school-colours hat she's making and I had more hat envy, not least because it's getting cold again and it would be great to have a hat to match the cashmere-blend Escapist shawl I was wearing.  I'm sure the fact that the golden yellow of my shawl matches one of the stripes in her hat has nothing to do with the sudden desire to cast on.

But I think I will restrain myself because next week I am starting the Christmas knits.  And the sewing festings.  And maybe three more pairs of these socks because here is the deal:

I pulled off these socks in five days, people.  Five days!  And I coulda done it in two, if nobody called and/or I didn't get hungry!

Yes, I know.  They're not exactly glam or inspired when it comes to the stitch, and they sag through the ankle owing to my not taking the time for ribbing, and the feet are a bit roomy, but they are comfy-warm like nobody's business.  And considering that nobody is going to see anything but the top two inches that peek out from my boots - which I contend are as cute as anybody could wish for - that's what counts.

Best of all, while I dutifully knit Christmas cowls over the rest of the month, I can be proud of knowing that not all socks take 6-plus weeks to make.  I could do a pair in six days, if I wanna.  And you know what?  If I get the Christmas knits done fast, I just might wanna.


justmeandtwo said...

That is an awesome accomplishment! They look great and I'm sure they feel even better. You rock!

Kathleen Taylor said...

The socks are wonderful!!!!!!! And the striping matches perfectly (something that doesn't often happen with Twisted yarn, amazing as it is in ALL other ways)