Friday, November 11, 2011

Onwards and... onwards

Supersecret ScarfyThing is done! Long live Supersecret ScarfyThing (the second.)

While that project goes quietly along in the background, let me tell you that I've been moving forward with the Christmas Plan.  I identified yarn for the Eleanor cowls I wanted to make, printed the pattern, assembled likely needles, and sat down to do a gauge swatch before coming to my senses.

I mean honestly.

Have you looked at that chart?  I'm sure it's not hard really, and the many many people who have knit the cowl all say how much they enjoyed doing it, but even I can see it's not practical for me to knit two of them - one flat, one in the round - plus 14 other things, plus SuperSecret Scarves, just when all the Christmas baking is coming up.

Plus, the people for whom I intended them, though lovely, are neither blood relatives nor friends from decades past.  If I want to do something special for them, would it really be so much worse to knit cowls of my own design from (chunky, and therefore superfast to knit) yarn I spun myself?

Reality: I'm facing it.

What I did start knitting was another Flight of the Phoenix handwarmer

Now these things, I could knit forever.  But they're so fast I won't be (even though I am finally well enough to head back to see Carol, my trainer, this morning.  Yay! I think.)

See you Monday!


Kathleen Taylor said...

I am looking forward to this pattern being generally available. I could probably figure it out- I mean, I can see how it's done- but that's sort of cheating (for something as unique as these warmers, which I surely would not have come up with on my own). I'll wait.

Mary Keenan said...

I have to say that both the hat and the handwarmers are the funnest patterns I've ever knit. I actually feel guilty gloating over them knowing that other people can't get the pattern yet!