Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sickbed knitting

Sick: I am it again.  I noticed a scratchy throat in the night early last week and by the weekend my voice was nothing more than an intermittent squeak.  Thanks to a whole lotta tea and water and the occasional glass of orange juice plus lots of sleep, I can now do the gargling gravel trick.  Go me!

The relationship between illness and knitting is complicated.  My cousin, on hearing I felt like roadkill, said "Rest up! Drink lots of tea and don't knit!" My friend, who isn't coming over today so I can finish getting better, said "Hope you get lots of rest and knitting time!"

So, is knitting relaxing and feel-bettery, or a drain on one's recovery energy?

Supporting my friend's view I present Saturday: my worst day, spent on the sofa watching a lot of movies and knitting the hat I got obsessed with making after I saw Sandra knitting one in similar colours the day before.

(It's made up of leftover shawl yarn so I have a set for the winter, and it came out pretty much as I hoped it would and doesn't look too bad on me, it was pretty good to knit although A Very Bad Thing Happened* when I was making it, and while it took me the entire day I did finish by bedtime.  Go me, again!)

Supporting my cousin: since then, my knitting plans have been interrupted and slowed by naps.  A lot of naps.  Like yesterday, I keeled over for what I hoped would be a short rest and clawed my way off the bed about two and a half hours later.  I so could have been telling you that I finished SuperSecret ScarfyThing if it hadn't been for that, and I fear today won't really be an improvement because even though I have been up for about an hour and have nearly finished drinking a cup of seriously high voltage tea I am finding it hard not to fixate on my pillow.

In good news, I did manage to finish off the second yoga sock this week:

Which makes my finished Christmas Knits pile look like this:

Whoooo! Go me, bigtime!  Two whole presents.

Yikes.  Boy do I need to get healthy again.

* The hat has a few cable twists in it, and at one point I stood up and my hook-shaped cable needle - my speediest and therefore my favourite - fell off my lap and dinged twice on the floor before disappearing.  I have looked, I have had two friends look, we have moved furniture, we have used flashlights.  We haven't found it.  I shudder for my Bellatrix socks.  Thank goodness Trish and I have an LYS date for next week; hopefully I can buy a replacement.


Daisie said...

I hope you are soon feeling better x

Unknown said...

From experience I suggest looking in the most unlikeliest place you can imagine. We had an i-pod slip into the well of our van, which houses the middle row seats when they need to be out of the way. We never even imagined anything could fall into it. Saved a young teen from being yelled at by her mom, not me, friend's daughter. Get better soon!

Mary Keenan said...

Okay, now I want to check for the cable needle in the car. I've checked everyplace else!!