Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A sock for Toffee

I treated myself to some of my favourite late-summer in-car knitting last week:

There is something about square needles and Stoddart romney/mohair yarn that is endlessly comforting to me, and because all the stuff I have is DK or heavier I can make a ton of progress in one journey.

There was a slight complication this time though, because I had brought Toffee along for the ride.

That's him in the upper left corner, seemingly oblivious to what I was doing.  Not the case.

Yes, Toffee, it's very nice, isn't it?

Well, I wouldn't say that's exactly how you're supposed to wear it, no.

Toffee, it's a sock.  And your feet are tiny little stumps.  Trust me, this is a sock.  For me.

Sigh.  Does make me think I should need a pair of these things for somebody else sometime, though.  A human I mean.  If only I weren't on the running out of Stoddart yarn.  Do you think I should... buy more?

(don't answer that unless you're going to say No, because I've worked so hard to get the yarn stash volume down!)

Okay, go have yourself a fabulous day while I redirect the contents of two more big boxes of Stuff.  And, erm, maybe send some protective thoughts so Toffee doesn't sneak off with my socks while I'm doing it?

1 comment:

jezz said...

Too Cute!! I think Toffee needs some little stump protectors--you know--socks.