Thursday, August 22, 2013

Your weekly knitting heartbreak

So: because I am practically finished a Thing I still have to take pictures of because you will. not. believe. it, I took those Stoddart boot socks that Toffee liked on a drive to the cottage last weekend.  Since they were nearly done, I knew they wouldn't last long enough for the drive home, and I was right:

yay boot socks!

and even more yay new boot socks!

I was sooooo excited to cast these ones on, not least because they are a different colour than orange and yellow.  I feel like I've been knitting orange and yellow for approximately ever, even though that is probably not true.

Well, I did a round of green for the top of the ribbing, and then I started with the variegated bluey purple for the rest of the cuff, and I noticed something.

Can you see what I mean?

It's so subtle, I almost couldn't see it myself, but boy, when you're knitting, can you ever feel it.  The yarn I had chosen for the main colour is not boot weight.  It's lighter, by just enough to not make any sense at all to pursue with the boot blue or the boot green.  So I had to put my dreams of Stoddart knitting away for the rest of the weekend.

Oh, the heartbreak.

In good news, the home stash yielded a suitable substitute and as a result of the tragedy I made a lot of headway on the Vesper socks I'd brought along Just In Case, which underscores how important it is always to bring more knitting with you than you think you will need.

Isn't it sad that the same rule doesn't quite apply for keeping more yarn in your house than you know you will need?

Best not to think about it, isn't it.

If I get time today, I will try to photograph that project I mentioned, to show you tomorrow.  Seriously, you will fall over when you see it, especially if you are me, although really in my case it was more a question of retrieving my jaw from the floor.

Meanwhile: take care and happy knitting!

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