Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The socks of perfect stripe

There are five pairs of socks on the go at my house, and this is one of them:

Originally these were my Rainbow Socks but now I think they really have to be Perfect Socks, don't you?

It's the stripes.  Even at the heel, they are perfect.

So cute!

I am also enjoying the bag they've been traveling around in - it's another from tinyhappy, aka my go-to source of very pretty knitting bags.

Not least because I didn't have to crochet this little doily in thread just to be able to gaze contentedly upon it.  I also didn't have to make this stitch marker, another of my favourites - it was a gift from a friend.

Rainbow colours!  The perfect match.

This is a very good thing about knitting: it's not impossible for it to be the one thing that goes right in your day (even though some days, it's the thing that's going horribly wrong.)  Hope yours is going right today, too!

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