Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Revisiting old knits

Tidying up the yarn cupboard last week meant I earned access to a sweater I stopped knitting two summers ago:

It's Deco, by Kate Davies, and if you were reading Hugs way back then, you may recall I changed sizes several times before settling on Very Much Too Small.  I made huge headway on the sweater during a glut of Harry Potter movie-watching, and then realized I was not going to fit into it, and put it aside in despair.

Recently though, I decided to get back to it and then step up the exercise till I do fit into it, even though that may be Never, because motivation is motivation.  Of course this means more Harry Potter because I always seem to associate knits with movies, and I'm hoping to get well onto the sleeves before this month is out.  Though really, the first film only gave me a couple of new inches of back, so...  I'll keep you posted.

Another part of the cleanup effort was working my way through the backup of laundry - including, happily, the knits for this coming winter that I should have washed in the spring.  Hello again, magical cowl!

Here is the most wonderful thing about the magical cowl.  You know how it's made of handspun fiber that smells amazing until you put it in a bag and take it onto a plane where you needed it to smell amazing?  Well, it turns out that when you wash it, the amazing smell comes back.

I love this cowl.

There's one more old knit I have to show you, unearthed during the reorganization of random things:

It's a baby sweater, circa the mid-1960s, and I'm not precisely sure who knit or wore it except that it wasn't me in either case.  What I do know is that it is SO CUTE.  Love, love, love this skirt stitch, and how sweet is the garter-ish border?  I'd love a cardi like this, though perhaps without quite so much skirt, and quite so much Too Small.  I have enough Too Small with the green cardi after all.

There has been a lot more knitting going on here lately, but the next installment is going to have to wait till tomorrow - possibly late tomorrow - because I shouldn't really be back at Hugs yet at all since I still haven't finished the house.  (I took stuff out of a closet yesterday that was just - whew, I don't know how I fit that much stuff into that much space, and that's a fact; another fact is that I now have to deal with all the stuff that didn't go back in.)

Take care of yourselves and if you're cleaning like me, don't get too dusty!

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