Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday spinning (the unathletic kind)

Holidays are about the three Rs: rest, relaxation, rejuvenation.  Reading is a good route to all that but yesterday my eyes kept drifting from the page to the wheel:

This fiber has been sitting here untouched for months, and it's been paining me.  Not just because I'm tired of spinning it (it's from a series of 200g lumps of densely packed mohair and romney wool I started spinning during last summer's Tour de Fleece), but also because this Christmas I ran out of handspun next-to-skin yarn for special gifts and I really need to restock.  Plus I have a bucket full of fiber to spin that's taking up space I could use for other things.

So: I set aside my oh-so-inviting Reading Tray,

and got to work on the remaining Stoddart fiber...

... which is, because I'm sure you'll have forgotten, my third attempt at my 2013 goal of spinning yarn both fine and consistent enough to work for handspun, handknit socks.

Maybe that doesn't look like a lot of fiber to you but it took hours to get through it all.  Probably four of them, and it felt longer.  But I kept going because I knew that this was the last section of the last lump of fiber - there are two sets of three spun singles sitting in teacups in the china cabinet (that's where everybody keeps resting singles, right?) just waiting to be plied, and this one would make a third set, and then I would be done.

After a couple of hours I marked my progress.  It was like crawling through the desert at this point,

but I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to get back to small lumps of easy-spinning silks and wools perfect for simple bulky cowls I can knit now and have ready for next Christmas.  La la la, carrots in my path.

And then, suddenly - finished!!

Oh I was thrilled.  I got out my basket with the bag of spinning stuff in it and pulled out the other two spun singles and...


Well, at least Gwen is happy.  And hey, who's to say I can't take a break from sock yarn to whip up some silks before I get back to work?  (seriously, please don't be the one to say I can't.)

Hope you guys are doing something fun this weekend - see you Monday with some gift knits I can show off at last!

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