Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunshiney socks for a wet grey day

I had fun photographing these finally-finished socks to show you:

That's because for one hour only I changed the definition of 'fun' to be 'determining by experiment how much rainwater a wool sock can absorb before making squishy sounds.'

(answer: it doesn't take much.)

Really these photographs are meant to contrast the length of time between starting the socks, full of hope at the beginning of the summer, and finishing them, full of sneakiness on the brink of maximum Christmas KnitFrenzy.

I suppose though that this is good news, because it's much too hot in summer to wear wool socks where I live and these colours are pretty bright for fall.  They will be fantastic in March, when everybody is longing for bright colours but still reaching for very warm things.

By that logic my knitting is about 3 months ahead of schedule instead of 3 months behind.  Go me!

and go socks.  Unless of course you really hate knitting them, like Trish, who proved one of her points about socks recently by pulling off an adorable baby sweater in the time it took me to knit half a sock leg.

Luckily I don't need to knit any baby sweaters at the moment - just a lot of grownup-sized gift knits.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you one!  Till then, have a great day.

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