Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monster knitting

As expected, I acquired new companions last week from CGMonsters.  They arrived yesterday and got straight to work like all good monster knitters do!

Here is Cameron, finishing off the Churchmouse hot water bottle cover.

Gwen likes to run in ends, so she is a perfect best monster friend for me:

She can take care of finishing the hot water bottle cover too I think, while I make my favourite beets in orange sauce a day ahead of Christmas dinner.

Kendall got started on the first sock of a pair that will be gifted in January.

I like how Kendall has some teeth that are too big for her mouth, but keeps them neatly flat against her lip so nobody gets hurt.  Except insects.  Apparently she eats insects, and I hope that includes both mosquitoes and blackflies because that would make her the perfect best monster friend for the cottage.

And here are the monsters in their official portrait:

As you may recall, Super Batty and Steve had already taken up residence at my house, so here they all are together.  Super Batty is on the right, with the purple eyes.

(I'm so glad I never had to grow up from stuffies because these guys look so awesome and are so smiley.)

Here's what Gwen finished for me:

It's a lip balm tube, such that you can hook your lip balm to something where it's easy to find in your bag or on your keys.  The pattern is by Dawn Riden and you can get it here.  It's a little fiddly at first of course - hard not to be at this size - but it's very satisfying and super fast, which is what we care about most this close to Christmas.

Gwen was hoping it was for her, but No.  It was for a small friend, and if I were a nicer person I would have given said small friend Gwen as well because she really, really liked the monsters and Gwen especially.  (I don't think it's possible to calculate exactly how much nicer I'd have to be, but it's definitely a lot, because Gwen is awesome.  There is no way I'm ever giving Gwen to somebody else.)

Maybe it was the guilt, but I did pile on the cute when I wrapped the balm.

There's nothing like adorably-packaged chocolate bars as foundation for a rolled-up mystery in tissue paper, and the lot tied up in sock yarn scraps, don't you think?

Okay, today is Christmas Eve and if you celebrate Christmas you will be having a SUPER busy day I bet.  And if you don't you may well be anyway.  So: take care of yourself, find something that makes you happy, and have a wonderful day.  I have to go bake cookies now but I will be sending all of you many good thoughts for finishing any essential gift knitting - with or without monster aid.

(and remember, it's not too late to tell somebody who will spring for it if you want a monster yourself!)

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