Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cutting into my knitting time

Autumn is a top time for knitting and I can't figure out why I seem to be doing that even less now than I did in the summer.  It's not because I don't love it, it's not because I'm warm enough already thank you, it's not because I am out of yarn. 

leeks, raspberries, wild blueberries, onions, carrots, cider, pretzels...

It's because of the market! 

Weekends are peak knitting zones as far as I'm concerned - no matter how busy I am, I can carve out a couple of hours to sit and relax with a cup of tea and some yarn and needles.  But that was before I was across the street from the Saturday farmer's market, and the Sunday antique market.

I have actually been getting out of bed at 7 on Saturdays specifically to be out the door by 8 and down a block to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.  And apple cider.  And pie.

Blueberry and peach, this week.

And I am not a morning person, so let's just let that sink in.

Saturday marketing takes about an hour, maybe a little more, and when you get home with two heavy bags like this you are
a/tired and
b/required to unpack it all and find places for it and
c/prepare food items and/or
d/eat them.

It all adds up!

Sunday marketing is something you also want to start early because even though I was seeing the same things every week when I went in the afternoon, I am seeing new and exciting things since I started getting there for 8am.  Yep, I am officially not sleeping in on weekends or at any other time.  This is SO not me.

Do you know, there is a woman selling my favourite 50s kitchen gear who colour coordinates each week's display to showcase particular items?  Two weeks ago it was orange, last week it was yellow.  I don't know when she'll do red but I am doomed when it happens.  Next weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and she told me she's doing harvest colours and lots of fruits and vegetables.

I am SO not missing the market next week.

Last week the lady who sold me the pair of painted schoolhouse lights called out as I approached and asked how they worked out.  I couldn't believe she remembered me, and I guess this means I'm a regular?  Anyway then she showed me the most. gorgeous. mint condition emerald green mantel clock.  Bakelite, I think?  Beautiful, and I find myself thinking about how to fit emerald green into the colour scheme of the house.

Also last week, I finally solved the problem of Pete being stuck with two boxes stacked on top of each other for a night table, and bought an actual night table - all wood, perfect condition, narrow enough even for the house later, and 1940s vintage - for $60.  (that number is lower if you convert to US funds but even so: way cheaper than IKEA.)

I love the market, but I love knitting too, and I'm going to figure out what else to give up so I can keep on having time for it.  Not sleep.  Laundry?  Cleaning?

(heh, like I didn't give that up years ago.)

In related news - because when we move back to the house I would have to be up around 6 to make it to either market at 8, which will vastly reduce the appeal - I went on a site visit yesterday and actually climbed the ladders to the new second floor.  The view is pretty much treetops, which I could show you if I had remembered to bring my camera. 

I was actually nervous looking down from my office window and I hope I don't take too long to get used to it... it's got to be about 19 years now since I lived above ground level, and even at the condo I am slightly below it because of the raised flowerbeds on the terrace outside. 

My big takeaway from the house visit is WOW is it ever still going to be small.  We are really only gaining about 550 square feet at most, and we are doing a lot with it - 2 more full bathrooms both much larger than the original two which we are keeping, another bedroom, a much larger kitchen, an office, and a living room that isn't also a dining room.  I am going to have to play it super safe on the decorating and I think we might have to do an open concept kitchen so our living room doesn't look like  a tiny treehouse with its one full wall of windows!

Gee, I wonder if I should take that wakeup call and apply it to the whole Antique Market adventure?  I sure hope not...

While I ponder that possible disaster, you go and have a wonderful time doing something that makes you happy.  Even if it's not autumn knitting! And I'll see you tomorrow.


Su said...

My whole house is not much bigger than 550 square feet!

Mary Keenan said...

Wow Su - you are a better woman than I! I lived in a 650 square foot studio apartment for a year and even though it was bright with floor to ceiling windows running the whole length that let out onto a balcony that did the same (just like a treehouse really) I only lasted about 10 months before getting squirrely. Maybe if I'd bought appropriate furniture for it to break up the space more I could have made it work for longer :^)

Su said...

It is what it is! I don't have elastic walls and couldn't afford an extension even I f I wanted one. I've lived here for 22 years now and quite enjoy the challenge. It's slightly easier now my daughter has moved out, so it's just me and the dog.

Mary Keenan said...

oh wow Su!!!! you are totally amazing :^)

Su said...

Why thank you! All compliments gratefully accepted.

Marianne said...

I'm way behind reading, so pardon the late response to your post. I would LOVE to live close to a fresh market or/and antique market. Heck, I'd love to live close to any type of market. But then, I do love my mountains, the quiet mornings and evenings, being able to see the stars... yeah.. I couldn't give this up even for the conveniences of town/city living.
I have learned to make bread from scratch, love to bake cakes, cookies and pies. I've learned to dry fruits, veggies and herbs, next I want to re-learn to can again. I just did my first sweet potato harvest and found 25 huge potatoes, several smaller which will be great for mom's candied sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.
I do have to say a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm still having major side effects from the car wreck.. so not able to read due to the headaches.
My younger son would love to live in a "tiny" house, his fiance not so much, LOL. Take good care..

Mary Keenan said...

Oh Marianne, that is awful about the post-accident trauma! It can take such a long time to heal completely and you absolutely have to take it easy if you're getting headaches. And I know exactly what you mean - being able to be self-sufficient and really relaxed in a place outside the city core is such a wonderful way of life.