Monday, January 18, 2016

Cue the hold button music

*updated with hold button music, scroll down for the links*

Hello again!  I hope you had a marvelous weekend and that your week looks even better.  If not, please enjoy this photograph of luscious yarn.

I've had it for nearly four years now and never knit with it, but it holds promise and sometimes that's really a yarn's job, don't you find?  (It's 'Talisman' from Twisted Fiber Art, in case you're longing for some of your own.)

My weekend was less than marvelous and contained - well, not only no knitting, but not very much sitting either.  I mean I'm used to things coming up or going wrong and generally taking more time than expected, but I had two rather large things go wrong, and they are taking rather more time than imaginable.  Then in the middle of that I got some bad news about somebody I love.  This on top of the other bad news for people I love, for which I have been taking some time to offer comfort.

You know, business as usual for we crafty types.

The upshot: I did no Hugs writing, and no Hugs photography, and so today's Hugs post is this one.  Boring and whiny but the best I can offer.  There goes getting my life back in 2016 and posting every weekday!  I so enjoyed my two week run of uninterrupted daily posts, I can't tell you how much.

If I can pop back again this week I totally will, because I do have lots of pretty little things to tell you about, but if not, please forgive me and hum whatever hold button music occurs to you.

And please give yourself lots of small, happy treats and big, good thoughts because you deserve it!

* * * *

Updated with hold button music:

January 19 - Anita O'Day, Sing Sing Sing

January 20 - Bob Ross Remixed, Happy Little Clouds

January 21 - Bee Gees, Stayin' Alive (I know, I know, but just TRY not to dance in your chair.)



Marianne said...

So sorry about your bad news, hope things will improve this week. I've been searching for that cue the music button for a few days now, but hopefully will all see our way through and find the warm comforting knitting projects waiting patiently for us.
Please remember to take care of yourself, it's not always easy to do. Stay warm and dry, tomorrow always bring promise of a better day!

Mary Keenan said...

Marianne, that's a good idea - if we can't have an actual Life On Hold button, we can at least have the music button! I've added one for today and will try to do it for the next few days till I get everything locked down again. WHEW. My life is turning out like that story of the woman who thought her house was too small and made her husband use a magic force to get her a bigger one. But what she got was one farm animal after another moving into the house so that when they were finally let outside again the house felt huge. I can't believe the number of disasters that have befallen me and my family lately! it's like a badly-written book. Well, at least we all have each other :^)