Monday, January 11, 2016

Weaving in the loose ends

I had one knitting goal for this weekend, and it was to finish that pile of Vesper socks I've been needing in circulation since October.

It says a lot about what my life has become that, day after day, I didn't have time to graft a few toes and run in the ends on simple, self-striping socks.  I hadn't even knit a contrast heel or toe to make things interesting, so there were only two ends to run in on each sock, and yet: there's been a basket full of work to do on one side of my sofa and a lonely few finished socks on the other for more weeks than I can count.

Plus, one last sock that still isn't through its toe.  What kind of knitter stops halfway through a sock toe?

The unfinished socks remind me of the unfinished aspects of the house renovation.  There are so many moving parts when you design a house, and so many differing opinions on what is best at every stage - just like all these trailing strings.

The difference is that in a sock, the trailing strings are exactly what they appear to be and you know exactly how to deal with them.  In a house, you have to learn a lot about different areas of expertise to understand and, more importantly, to question.

Thanks to my being a fast learner with the freedom to Google unfamiliar terms and product lines nonstop, some of the strings on our project have been obvious, if slow to address.  Ray is a very patient man and a good friend to stick it out while I took care of those.

Others have been a sinky quicksand, like our ever shifting HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) design.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  But I am hoping to put a stop to all that today when Ray and I meet with a new HVAC professional who has the right set of floorplans.

And as with the HVAC debacle, I have to ask myself...

How the heck did I get a break in the yarn halfway down the leg of this sock?

It's like the scissors slipped or something.  Gah.

Oh, that's an ugly mending job, isn't it.  Thank goodness it won't show under a pantleg.  I don't suppose the final HVAC arrangement will be any more elegant at this point in the construction process, but it will probably be as functional.

And just having it done will let us move on to other things.  Won't that be wonderful?

Hope you had a productive weekend too and I'll see you tomorrow!

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