Thursday, January 14, 2016

Knitting bags ready and waiting

Sometimes I fall in love with a product and keep buying more of it, which is crazy unless it's knitting bags from Melissa at tinyhappy.

I never get tired of looking at Melissa's work, but I have to say it was more than a little alarming to keep coming across these bags as I sorted out all the yarn for the new storage setup.  I really need to start cleaning up after a project before I start a new one... as I looked through another yarn cupboard for something else the other day I found even more tinyhappy bags, some of them superhuge favourites, just lingering with stalled project ideas stuffed inside them.  I'll have to go back to those ones and get them back into circulation soon.

Meanwhile: this is a lot of projects isn't it.  Even if I put a single sock in each one.

Six bags is three pairs of Vesper socks - more than I have needles for.  So maybe two pairs of Vesper socks and one pair of heavy mohair blend socks from Stoddart Family Farms?  Or one pair of Vespers, one pair of Stoddarts, and a matching hat and cowl?

I am so predictable with my knits, aren't I.

I have a lot of excess safety pins now too.  I love keeping those clipped onto the tag a the side of each bag, to use for marking rows, or the 40th round from the end of a sock heel gusset so it's quicker to see where I should start the toe.

One of these bags still has stitch markers pinned to the tag so I guess I used that one for a lace project or something else with repeats!  I should fill that up again with something pretty.  I haven't knit a hat in a while, after all....

I love the colours on the front of this one, don't you?  And the pretty, soft cotton a the top.  The linen is so soft and has such a nice drape after all its years of service, it's just fabulous to hold onto when it's full of yarn.  (the pointy needles are less of a comfort, heh.)

Oh, and there's this one...

... which is full of a sock I promised to have done by February, so I'd better get moving.

Hope you have a good day and I'll see you tomorrow!

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