Friday, January 29, 2016

Socks for a friend

It's taken nearly a year since I got the idea, but I was finally able to go through my sock supply to determine which ones I foolishly knit smaller than I like to wear now, and wash them, and dry them, and sit down to remove any pills from whatever wear they received.

I don't like to pull away lumps of felted fiber from the inside, because I know it's still attached to the stitches and may weaken the sock more quickly, but ugh.

Who wants to walk on a lump of fiber? It's not much better than a stone if you let it get too clumpy.

I had a bit of a freakout when I saw a hole in the leg of one of them...

I realized it was the one that moths got into, actually while I was knitting it, one summer at the cottage.  I must have missed this weak spot when I was darning the ribbing on its mate.  Nothing for it but to try mending, in my inexpert way:

Okay, it's messy, but the inside feels smooth and it's not on the business end at least.  It won't show under jeans and it won't hurt inside shoes.

There.  Two pairs for Julia,

And four for Beth.

(I sorted by size, not favourites!)

It still amazes me that Beth especially would welcome used socks - Julia at least lives in a place where winters are brutal - but she's had a pair of new ones from me for a couple of winters now and doesn't know how to knit, so I guess that explains it!

Do you have places to send your outgrown knits too?

Whether yes or no, I hope it's Yes! to a wonderful weekend in store.  Take care and I'll see you on Monday!

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