Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Self-striping yarn is a crafter's dream

I wonder whether paper crafters know what we do about self-striping yarn?

It covers you for practically any colour you might need for tying up parcels. 

This is one of my favourite things about Vesper sock yarn - once you have the first dozen skeins or so, you've got almost a full pencilcrayon set of colours.  And then you start to get some repeats, so you have more sources of Kelly Green and Chocolate Brown in case you run out, or want to make two bits of scrap yarn look like they were always meant to go together.

So glad I got more in the mail last week.  It would be awful if I ever ran out, ha.

Check out all these gorgeous colours I'll get to play with once I've made socks from this skein!

Two shades of pink, two shades of blue, and yellow and green too?  wowza.

While I was the most sick - I'm still sick, but starting to be able to think about being able to move on to a more demanding project - I worked on my scrap-stripe fingerless glove and got almost as far as I had before I ripped it all out:

What do you think about the switched-up stripes?  Better balance than the original, below?

I flipped the brown and the green.  I am still totally in love with this pattern and am very anxious to share it with you guys.  Gotta get through this cold, and also our taxes, and then I'm on it! 

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