Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Strategic knitting

Yesterday while I was looking for something else, I came across a mystery bag with yarn in it.  Well, it's not really accurate to say 'mystery', since I'd tossed a scrap of paper into the Ziploc bag that protected the mystery bag, which read "Socks For Carolyn."

The mystery is why I would think Carolyn would enjoy super bright warm colours, and the explanation is: she won't, but she loves warm socks to sleep in, and this weight of sock seems to work well for her - and for me, since I know how many rounds to do to make a pair that fit her.  It's Duchess from Twisted Fiber Art (the Salsa colourway, I am pretty sure) and Duchess is discontinued now, so I wasn't going to fuss about colour when I put them into this kit.

And it is a kit, look!

I even remembered to slip my Carolyn pattern into the bag.

No needles though.  Just the wrapper, which proves how lazy I am since I am not getting up from my desk right now to double check the colour.

Now, the strategic aspect of this sock kit, set aside ages ago for a moment when I might be in a position to knit it up, is that Carolyn is coming home for a nice long visit.  She's arriving I think next week, and if I start these socks now I can finish them before she goes and send them back to England with her in her luggage. 

In fact, if I was really on the ball, I could send her husband's socks at the same time - remember, the ones I made him for Christmas and never got around to mailing??

(criminy, am I a bad cousin or what?)

(actually, at first it was laziness, and then it was more strategy, because I have to make the exact same size of socks for Wayson as I made for Andrew, and if I keep Andrew's socks here long enough to finish Wayson's they'll both be right.  plus it's April now.  neither of these guys are going to need wool socks for ages yet.)

See where I'm going with this?  If I knit these super quick socks for Carolyn I can send them home with her, and if I then finish knitting Wayson's socks, which as I recall are very nearly done, I can send Andrew's socks home with her too. 


Except for the actual knitting part.  I'm basically knitting in molasses these days, so it's hard to imagine how I could get that many socks knit in a month, even if two of them are in DK weight and the other two are almost finished.

And don't forget the missing needles... I'd have to find needles.  Aiiiieee. 

I wonder where I've been keeping those without noticing?


Mimi said...

Ha! Get crackin', Missy!!! You can do it.

Mary Keenan said...

Arg Mimi, still can't find the sock needles!!