Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Train knitting

Okay, I decided to bring hat stuff with me on the train...

and glove stuff, and sock stuff, but not Bob's hat stuff, because I couldn't find it before I noticed that my bag is WAY too full.  Bad Mary.

I knit my Hatcowl in sport weight yarn with a 3.5mm needle, but all I could find to knit another was DK weight yarn and a 3.75mm needle or a 4mm needle.  Time for some Knitter's Math so I can convert the pattern to this bigger yarn.  I can't wait to get back into the house and spread out all my knitting gear and get all my tools back where they belong! 

And even as I say that: still loving the condo.  It is going to be hard to leave here.  As busy as I've been this year with the renovation, not sleeping a lot, and diving to the depths of everything from lighting design to basement drainage, I have had soooo much less stress being able to walk to all my downtown destinations instead of driving to them.

Because I have to travel light for this trip - except for knitting, obviously - I decided to leave anything computer-related at home except for my phone.  I truly don't know how to write a blog post from the phone, so I think this is it for me till I get back Monday (or, let's be realistic, Tuesday.)  The trade off is that you will get LOTS of knitting posts next week because I will actually knit! and not just look at more online lighting shop websites.

Speaking of which, those sites are such a blessing.  I don't know when you last had to shop for lighting but I remember going into stores when we first bought our house and being totally overwhelmed by all the stuff hanging down from the ceiling.  If you shop on-screen, you get to filter by type and colour, see the side view, and note the actual dimensions of each light.  While wearing PJs and eating ice cream no less.

I ended up making a chart with all the rooms we have to put lighting into (all of them) and what kind of lights they need (several), and what our options might be (ugly and affordable or gorgeous and unattainable.)  Then I showed the chart to Pete, who was grateful enough to agree that it's worth putting real money into the most problematic of lighting applications, and that we should cheap out on rooms where it's obvious we need some kind of light while we save up for something really special down the road.

And speaking of roads: I better wrap this up so I can get my bags ready to go.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I'll see you here again in a few days!



Laurinda said...

Have a great, relaxing trip!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Laurinda!!