Monday, April 4, 2016

Grey lace knitting

In spite of everything - and when I say everything, I am referring to pressing house-related decisions I am not going to bore you with (today, anyway) - I am still working hard on the lace fingerless gloves.

This time I chose a light grey sock yarn from Emily (aka Viola yarn) because I thought it would show off the lace the best, and I am really happy with my decision.  It's so incredibly restful to knit in grey!  Normally I would think of a bright colour for pretty lace gloves like this, but the grey evokes autumn cloud cover - which is, of course, prime handknit sweater weather, heh.

I am going to Ottawa later this week for a few days' holiday, and I was sort of hoping to finish this pair in time to wear them.  Small problem with that plan:

I'm not making very fast progress.  This is the first glove!

Also, instead of having slightly chilly spring weather, we are having bonus winter days here in southern Ontario.

That's snow, folks - in April.  This doesn't normally happen.  After I took this picture quite a lot more fell and frosted all the branches on our pine tree.  Then it got really, really cold out.  Like, super cold.  As in, I wore a long cashmere sweater under my parka and wool socks inside my lined boots - plus cashmere lined gloves and a cashmere hat - and I still froze at today's site meeting to finalize some kitchen details.  Owie.

Since Ottawa is usually much colder in winter and much hotter in summer than Toronto, I'm thinking the fingerless gloves aren't going to be very practical this weekend anyway.  Maybe for train knitting?

The main thing is that this time, it looks like I've got the size perfect, and the positioning of the lace panel perfect for thumb comfort, too.  Good news for me, and once I can plug my instructions into my pattern format, good news for anybody else who wants to knit them. Yay!

Hope you've had a good day (and a good weekend too) and I'll see you tomorrow.

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