Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wanted - a yarn caking station

I was caking some yarn for the next draft of the lace fingerless mitt pattern when I realized something terrible:

I haven't factored in yarn-caking space for the new house.

How could I have forgotten?  When all this adding-on project started, I dreamed of having a place where I could leave out the swift and ball winder all the time.  I distinctly remember fighting for a place in the laundry room to set out drying mats when I'm blocking a lace knit (non-knitters, they just don't get it), but I've totally forgotten a table for the swift near something where I can clamp the winder.

It's not that I mind taking them out every time I need them - it's just that the setup takes time, as does the takedown, and the point is to remove every possible obstacle between Me and Impulse Cast-ons.  To be sure I'll have more time once the renovations are over.  But still, it's such a central part of my life, prepping yarn to knit or weave with.  And I'm not sure there's any place I can set them up at all.

I know I can't tuck this gear into my office because the desk will be against the wall and I doubt it will even make 18" in depth.  Nowhere near enough spinning space for the swift.

I won't put it into my living room, or the kitchen, or the dining room - everything there is new and expensive and I wouldn't dare clamp the winder on to any of it.

I could slip it into the bedroom, or the laundry room.  I wonder how much space I'll have left in the laundry room when the heating and ventilation system is installed?

This old, chipped IKEA coffee table has been pretty good for the job, I have to say... I wasn't planning to bring it back to the house, but maybe I should, huh?

Or maybe I should just stick to my knitting and trust that the solution will work itself out as I go along.

A girl can hope.

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