Friday, March 4, 2016

The carrot at the end of the writing stick

Hello friends, from the land of OH My goodness how did I get so sick.  And OH How lucky I am to have cleared this past week for writing, so I could spent the week falling over and sleeping for three randomly selected hours instead, when not blowing my nose or dragging myself to the kitchen for headache meds.

Oh look, yarn:

Okay, being sick is miserable but yarn isn't, and I've been invited to an exclusive yarn shopping event on Monday night for Emily at Viola Yarns - another thank-you for participating in her kickstarter campaign.  How timely!  I mean, I nearly did some emotional yarn shopping at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas yesterday after running entirely out of Kleenex and feeling extra sorry for myself.  (It didn't work out, because somebody else bought the last of the yarn I was considering while I tried to decide how much I needed.)  A Viola run is just what the doctor ordered.

In anticipation, I took a few minutes to look at the Viola yarns I have right now, so I'd know what colours not to repeat when I go.

You know, my camera can't really do these colourways justice.   There are so many little flecks of nuance in them.  This one here? It looks blue-grey, but in person it's closer to purple.  Gorgeous, aspirational purple.

I'm also quite partial to this very pale colourway, which reminds me of rocks:

Let's face it, I'm quite partial to yarn.

But to get to the yarn, I have to finish the words.  And here's where we sit folks, on this: the last day of my writing break.

In the last week and a half, I have managed to revise and rewrite about 90,000 words.  I have about six loose plot threads to tie together.  I have a plan, but there a lot of writing involved in bringing them close. I type fast once I know where I'm going so I can probably pull it off in about ten hours, maybe twelve.  Think I can pull off twelve hours today between gulps of water, snatches of sleep, and long periods of communion with the new Kleenex box?

Don't answer that.  Let me just hang onto the fact that - as I'm non-germy by then - at least I get to go yarn shopping on Monday night!

Have a great weekend and take care of yourselves, for heaven's sake.  You don't want to get this awful thing I've got, I promise you.

ps It's snowing as I post this.  Beautiful big soft fluffy flakes falling onto a white soft fluffy blanket already laid down, with cedars and a few other trees with interesting bark to round out the picture.  I still can't believe I get this view, and this much quiet, while living right downtown.


Yvette said...

Get well soon!

Laurinda said...

The yarns ARE beautiful, I really like your 'rocks'- it reminds me of a type of recycled paper, with flecks of color.
I have a similar cold, that started in my chest, traveled up to my sinuses, & is currently in my throat. We call it the plague :-D
But I do have plenty of knitting, even if I AM sick of this stockinette shawl.
I hope you shake your plague off quickly, so you can enjoy your yarn shopping (& show us pictures)

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Yvette!

And Laurinda, I really really hope your plague is nearly done. Mine is down to a nasty cough and dry throat. But thank goodness you mentioned yarn shopping because it is 5:30 on Monday as I type this and so many things got thrown at me today, I had actually forgotten about Viola Night!!!!