Monday, February 29, 2016

Humble knitting

A few weeks ago I started very quietly congratulating myself on getting through so much of 'flu season without getting it - which is to say, I didn't do it out loud or even let the thought fully form in my mind, lest I jinx myself.  But it's the first year in ages that I didn't get organized to get the 'flu shot, and I always get 'flu, so I actually started to think Ha! Maybe I'm better off without the shot!  And then stopped myself before I could think that whole sentence.

Guess what?  I have 'flu.

As a knitter, I view all illness that doesn't involve bending over a bowl as 'bonus knitting time', but in this case my hands actually hurt.  It's hard to hold needles in them.  Also my head spins whenever I change position, which requires me to move very slowly and with an unmoving gaze.  This in turn is making my neck and shoulder muscles very sore.

Enter the humble sock leg.  82 rounds of stocking stitch is about as mindless as you can get.  You can knit them fast, as on autopilot, or slowly, as a hard won victory.  You can just sit and hold a sock leg in your hand for comfort.  You can raise it to your eyes and hope not to get spinny.

Or just go back to holding it.

I am still writing, because I only have this week clear for that job and it's really important to me, and maybe after a few days I'll feel better and can actually enjoy the process.

But still: quelle drag!  Thank goodness I had a sock already started and not very far along.  We should all be so lucky when we're sick.  Sock leg, infinity scarf, giant garter stitch blanket - whatever fills the gap.  It's good to have humble knitting.

Hope your weekend was great and that you're healthy!  Take care and I'll see you tomorrow.


Mimi said...

Feel better soon.

Marianne said...

Feel better soon my friend.. in my prayers..

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks guys - vertigo is the worst!! (well, the worst flu symptom. obviously many, many things are worse than vertigo!)