Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Movie knitting

When was the last time you saw Bye Bye Birdie?  I watched it this past weekend while knitting until my eyes hurt.  (note to self: sleep more.)

I used to love this musical. I mean, Ann-Margret, Paul Lynde, and Dick Van Dyke?  What's not to love?  Plus all the songs are so catchy.  I forgot that Janet Leigh was in the film too - I didn't even recognize her with black hair and kept trying desperately to place the actress in the Rosie role.  (note to self: definitely, sleep more.)

It's lost some of its flavour for me though, which is so weird.  Maybe I've seen it too often? Maybe I can no longer imagine myself in that cute pink pants and crop top outfit Ann-Margret wears with all the ruffles at the bodice? Meh.  And yet: such a great storyline, so silly and reflective of its time.

Also - Ann-Margret's parents' kitchen!!  I kept drinking it in and thinking how not dated it would be if you moved into that house today.

Probably that's my issue with Bye Bye Birdie.  It's not a home renovation show.  If I just pencil it in again for a year or so after the house is all done, I'll love it again for sure.

While I was watching I was knitting, not just holding, the Best Friends Beanie I'm making for Bob.

It's brown, but since it's a Viola brown it's got a lot of livin' to do - I mean, it's got a lot of other little colours in it, like red and green.  I'm not sure they show in this picture but in real life they do.  Man, I did say those songs were catchy, didn't I? All day yesterday I was humming "You Gotta Be Sincere."  I would link it but that might be dangerous for you.  Already I can feel it taking hold all over again.

I haven't made a huge amount of progress on this hat - not even one full repeat - but I find the rush to the next cable is addictive so I'm sure it'll wrap itself in no time.  You know, as soon as I'm done the rough draft of my novel.  I figure I need seven more days, maybe eight, and I have six days free, so there will be some intense choreography going on here. Maybe I should rewatch some of the Bye Bye Birdie dance numbers for inspiration?

Hope any time management choreography you're doing this week works out great and I'll see you tomorrow!

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