Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Needle in a haystack

One of my clearing-up goals for January -  ha -  was to deal with all my knitting needles.  (It's February now, isn't it.)  The idea was to get them back into their packaging and into a common area so I can find always what I'm looking for.  Naturally, when I finally had time to do it I couldn't find the pile of circulars that's built up over the last few weeks of sorting and cleaning, but I did find the pile of mostly-double-points:

Is it just me, or is that a lot of knitting needles??

Sorting through this pile I remembered key stages in my development as a knitter - like, hunting down the most perfect needle material for knitting socks (I tried so many before I landed on my now out of production square needle favourites), and sourcing wooden crochet hooks for working with on a plane.

Wooden circular needles, too - I'd thought they would be useful mid-flight.  In fact, it turns out my palms are way too sweaty while I'm in a plane ever to be useful for knitting or crochet.  But I have been known to clutch yarn for comfort, so there's that.

Lantern Moon makes such a beautiful wooden needle.  Not too pointy, and a lovely brown shade, and an incredibly smooth finish.  So much love.

So many different storage ideas too.  At the house, I used to store my double points in a very useful filing system devised and executed by me, which incorporated a very small gift bag (instructions at the link.)  It looked like this.  But then the gift bag tore.  Also, it works better if the gift bag sits inside a cupboard instead of out on your desk because Dust, sigh.

I wonder how I'll store all those needles next?  Because they can't live in a giant Ziploc bag, I'll tell you that.  I've already had to duct tape a few holes in the plastic.  Those needles want to be out and knitting, which I think is a pretty good idea too.

Hope you're having a good week and getting out and knitting, yourself.  See you tomorrow!


Deb said...

I store my dps in brown kraft envelopes with the same sizes stored together in a drawer. It's not perfect, but the envelopes hold up fairly well.

Mary Keenan said...

That's such a good solution Deb - I am super partial to brown kraft envelopes any time, but they're so easy to label and with the needles in a drawer you'd always be able to find them, they'd always be dust free, and they'd be easy to keep neat!