Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another knitted thing

I wouldn't say this sock is so much knitted, as being knitted, but still.  Knitting not Renovation!

This is my current travel sock.  It travels a lot and seldom makes it out of my bag but still: there's been small progress.  It's Vesper yarn of course, code name 'Endless Summer.' 

Sometimes when I knit a Vesper stripe I don't love the colours together until I've seen a few repeats or am in fact finished and wearing them, but this combination is saying Yum to me.  I've had it out for a while so I can't exactly say for sure, but I think my Yum feelings about the colour is why this particular yarn made it out of the Vesper Stash Bucket (yes, there is a designated bucked just for Vesper) ahead of all the others.  I mean, when you are knee deep in complicated decision making with no end in sight, you need travel knitting that speaks to you.  As long as it's saying nice things, of course.

Here is the sock's baby sister:

Don't they look cute together?  Yeah, it won't last. They'll grow up and be socks and I'll need new baby knitting projects.  You probably know what I'm talking about or you wouldn't keep knitting new stuff too!

I wonder whether I will finish these socks in time to wear them to the cottage, so they can be real 'endless summer' footwarmers?

The cottage is such a funny place - freezing cold in early July, then unbearably hot for one week around mid- to late- July.  I mean, so hot you have to be in the lake as much of the day as possible and at night, you don't sleep, but keep the overhead fans on high as much as you can.  The beds are all very very low at the cottage so you sort of collapse onto them and stare up at the distant ceiling fan, hoping it will somehow work harder, or at least not fling itself from its moorings.  After a while you get up and turn the fan down to a lower speed because that last idea is too disturbing to risk becoming real.  And then you just feel hot until about 4am, when the temperature suddenly becomes unbearably cold and you scrabble around looking for socks to put on and haul up on the wool blankets you pushed down to the floor at midnight.  After that, you can fall asleep.

During the day at the cottage it's sometimes possible to walk outside in sandals.  And by sometimes I mean for about five days in August between the hours of 11am and 3pm.  Ideally, the rest of the time, you are running outside in sandals from the bottom of the deck stairs to the top of the dock stairs so you can wade quickly into the lake and not think about how cold the water is because after all, you'll acclimatize eventually.  If you try to pursue this transition from dry to wet any more slowly than that, you will have blackfly bites on the tops of your feet.  More commonly, it's wise to wear a nice pair of handknit socks inside a nice pair of boots the bugs can't bite through.

Yeah, if these socks are done in time, I can totally see taking them north for actual summer wear, and loving every minute of having them with me.

Oh look, they're excited about the possibility too.

Gotta love a chompy sock!  That's right socks, get ready for some serious blackfly and mosquito eating.

Wish me luck for actually making progress on these things today - as it's turned out, I haven't been able to spare time for so much as a single stitch all week - and I'll wish you luck for getting loads done on something you want to finish too.  Take care and I'll see you tomorrow!

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