Monday, February 22, 2016

Yarn presents by mail

Last Friday I had to pick up a parcel from the concierge desk that was too big to fit in the mailbox.  I love when that happens.  I love it even more when inside the mailing envelope there is something like this.  (except there's nothing else like this.)

This parcel is way earlier arriving than I expected.  It is my 'reward' or 'thank you' for supporting Emily in her Kickstarter campaign for a Viola dye studio.

Mostly I kicked in some money because Emily is so talented and should have a good place to work, and partly because I love her yarn and want to have more of it, but a little bit because I am just hugely sympathetic to somebody trying to make a liveable space on a very small budget.  We are very fortunate to be able to say Yes to the more efficient heating, cooling, and insulation options for our renovation without worrying (to the point of choosing between that and groceries) about the cost, but I am keenly aware of how not normal that is.  And in fact, so many people kicked in to Emily's project that she was indeed able to choose the good insulation.  Yay Emily!

And also: wow.  I remember consciously choosing to donate at one particular level because there was something in it I knew I would especially value, which led me to overlook the yarn component.  This is three skeins of sock yarn in experimental colours that won't be repeated.  And I love them all - not a surprise - so, YUM.

It was hard to set them aside to look at the next layer, but there was a next layer, so I forced myself:

A lavender sachet with an Emily drawing of the studio on the front (I believe the studio is the little one-story addition on the side) and stickers with more Emily drawings on them!

And - okay, this is it, the thing I wanted to get in on:

It's a project bag.  I have a Viola project bag from a few years back that was sewn by Emily's very talented mom, and I had a feeling this one would be just as wonderful, and it is.  It even has a stamped pocket inside:

So adorable. And useful!

Of course, I've had to pack all this away because I don't have time to do any of it justice right now.  But it's pretty fabulous knowing that it's waiting for me to be free to play with it.

That right there is pretty much the best thing that happened until Sunday, when I got to see some friends and family for visits.  I did get in a little knitting time but mostly I was in the depths of tile selection and laundry and planning for another busy week... I really need to do something about the schedule, don't I.  I mean if it doesn't have regular knitting in it, it's obviously not sustainable, heh.

Hope you got in some relaxation time and I'll see you tomorrow!

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