Friday, February 26, 2016

It's all about perspective

This morning on a break from writing I found these cloud pictures I'd taken a few summers ago at the cottage.

The sky is just so big there over the lake.  It's something I've noticed at the low-rise condo we are staying in too, if I'm looking out our windows to the north - you can see the top of the wing that runs perpendicular to our section of the building (which is U shaped) but above that it's just blue sky, no skyscrapers.  (to the west it's a totally different story - that's the financial district!)

The clouds were particularly fascinating to me that year, and I took a ton of photographs of them so I'd have them to look at forever.  There is so much air movement in the sky... clouds make it more visible to our tiny eyes.

When I was prepping the photos to share here today, I noticed something else.  Check this one out:

and now again, after I let my software autocorrect the colours:

There were no trees in this picture to balance the blue sky, so the tints changed dramatically and you can see ghostly tendrils of movement you couldn't, before.  Not to mention the exact spots where the clouds are most dense.

Makes me want a microscope and really good magnifying glass more than I did already, so I can see things at the other end of the spectrum too.

Here's another one - as it appeared to my eyes:

As it appears with the colours shifted:

I just find that incredibly cool.  Also, the darkened colour sets are pretty much exactly the colour scheme for our living room.  Even cooler!  I might look into having a set of darkened photographs printed and framed to hang in there.

A related idea struck me as I was waking up this morning, about how knitting and writing are different. 

With knitting, you work from one direction to the other and while you may correct small things as you go along, you don't often go back to the beginning and build up a new layer over the first. 

But in writing, that is exactly what you do every time.  It's more like a painting: you build the framework, and get in as much detail as you can, but you can't leave it that way.  You have to edit and reshape.  You have to keep going back and pruning and filling in more, and more.  Maybe not full layers everywhere, but definitely patches.  In the way I visualized it, I have a story made in the round and I'm pulling up thread after thread to build more depth along different parts of its height. You are building up and adding depth and exposing things in small ways so they might be seen easily or overlooked, or not, depending on the reader's view.

And all with words - Amazing!

So, that is what I'm doing this weekend.  Layering words and thinking about how a little shift in perspective changes what we can see of all the details that are available to us.

Hope you have success in whatever you're doing this weekend, and I'll see you Monday!

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