Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Desktop needle storage

I've been meaning for some time to share photographs of my desktop needle storage. And by 'desktop', I mean the sizes of needles I am most likely to use for swatching or small project - the rest of my collection lives in the basement.

You know how sometimes you set something up to help you be very very organized and a month later it's a complete trash heap? Well, not this time!

For the tall needles, I have the ubiquitous vase, of course: a three sided one that lets my 12" ruler stand flat at the side. It's the double points that please me so much, tucked into a little paper birthday bag sent me by my friend Susan one Christmas.

Longtime readers may recall the needle pockets I made a while back, and that's the backbone of this system: I have one for every size up to 3.25mm, and every dpn in that size regardless of material goes into it - the larger needles, as with Brittany Birch and Lantern Moon, came on cards of their own. I have occasionally been reduced to cobbling together a set from mixed materials, and it's nice not to have to go fussing through separate storage areas for them.

Also nice is the fact that I made the needle pockets just narrow enough to fit into the birthday bag, sort of like I'd planned it, which I absolutely didn't. Ha!

Here are my favourite parts up close - some pockets filled with yummy needles plus a conveniently sized crochet hook, and a needle gauge/5" ruler I picked up at a fabric store.

(A fabric store that, incidentally, has the tiniest imaginable scrap of hanging display space for knitting materials, among which are the best tools I own. This gauge/ruler doesn't just have the sizing holes to figure out the needles you've got - it gives you metric, American, and Imperial sizing! Since I have needles labeled all three ways, I've come to depend on it in a big way. I think it's by TailorForm or possibly Unique, if you're looking for the same kind.)

From the side you can see how many needles I've been able to fit in here, and how nicely my pens stay visible and accessible out there on the front. It's like a little card catalogue, really, and it makes me irrationally happy every time I use it.

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