Monday, October 19, 2009


What I did not get done on the weekend:

Knitting something pretty enough to photograph during the lovely weather we had on Sunday (knitting something hideous and unsuccessful, however - yes.)

Remembering to bring my bag along with me for Sunday's outing - the one with my wallet and camera and scarf and mitts in it

Sensible eating of any kind (pecan tarts making an appearance during Sunday's outing, immediately before the donut shop stop and well before the arrival of the Key Lime Pie)

Calorie burn sufficient to compensate for said pecan tarts, even given the loss of the scarf and mitts which were Very Much Needed in spite of the weather looking so lovely

What I did get done on the weekend:

Remembering my even more important bag of knitting for Sundays' outing

(Which allowed me to complete a swatch for something that probably can't help but be pretty)

Ordering a pair of winter-friendly boots

Roasting a chicken and making stock from same

Putting up all the Halloween decorations

and whipping together a replacement for last Christmas' door wreath:

Seriously, check out the colour combinations on that dried maize! I wonder how many of the base colours I have in my stash?

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