Friday, October 23, 2009

Nice places to buy yarn online

I buy a lot of yarn online these days, because much as I value and want to support my local yarns stores - I don't have any. None that I can get to on foot, anyway, just the kind I have to give up a few hours to get to and mill around in and come back from, and I rarely get a few consecutive hours that aren't allocated to three other things.

So I thought I'd kick off the weekend by throwing out the sources of some yarn currently (or very very recently) on my needles:

Biscotte et Cie and Knitterly Things you will surely have heard about here, as I am in sock club heaven with both. What you might not know is that Biscotte has a huge (and growing) range of yarns, and Knitterly Things' Vesper Kid Mohair is pretty awesome stuff, which I used recently with fabulous results (more on that another day.)

I'm also quite partial to the quality of the yarn and, yum, the colours combined in the mind of The Midnight Sheep, where you can now buy enough custom-dyed yarn to make an entire sweater. This is, I think, an extremely nice feature of the shop.

Quite A Handful is now not just a gorgeous blog, but also an Etsy shop where, periodically, one can avail oneself of handspun yarn. Being in possession of some of it in plant-dyed form - you may perhaps remember my swoons when it arrived - I can assure you the spinning is fabulous. And again - colours? Wow? Check out this stunning blue, which I was trying to be all fiscally responsible about not buying and then wanted anyway and missed my chance at.

And with that - I'm off for a long weekend. Back again sometime Tuesday, hopefully with lots of finished objects to not talk about yet!

Update, on Saturday:

Man, I just can't keep away. Two things:

a/ YAY, I finished two of the four super urgent projects last night and

b/ even bigger YAYYYY! A Piece of Vermont has a new shop update. Jessie's yarns: also awesome, with gorgeous colours, and featured in both my Meditation Mittens and the hat that will appear in 1000 Fabulous Knit Hats.

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sally anne said...

Gosh, thank you Mary for saying such nice things re my handspun. Those sites look good too, especially the roving in knitterly things. I might have to make a visit there someday soon !