Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another thing to love about knitting

I was delighted this weekend to come up with an ingenious pattern that, in just one size, meets the following criteria:

fits adults and children

is hugely eye-catching and swishy

can be worn many different ways

is both warm and colourful

costs as little as $6.50 in luxury materials

can be knit in an evening

and fits neatly into this 4" x 7.5" tiny happy pencilcase-as-wrapping:

Technically I was making it to submit somewhere, but as I worked I realized it was also the perfect birthday present for a particularly glam friend, so she got Sample #1.

And that's what I love about knitting. I get to have fun and feel creative and make somebody happy all at the same time. Plus, now I have another option for last-minute gift knitting!


Kathleen Taylor said...


melissa said...

ooh... can't wait to see this pattern sometime! that would indeed make a nice gift. (i think you must have lots of happy friends!)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh - that looks/sounds so perfect, I think I may have to work out a way to convince you of my own pitiable glumness... Or maybe I can bribe you with yarn?

Mary Keenan said...

Silly fusedglass, that was glam, not glum! and you are definitely glam, no need to convince me of that :^) I hope you're not really glum!