Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not finishing

I've been working with great feverishness on my September sock club socks and by golly - they're still not finished.

Since they need another two hours max, perhaps I'll be done today - and that means you have until tomorrow to guess what mistake I made on this pair (I made more than one, so you get some leeway.)

While I try to get these over my toes I'm plotting and scheming for a new improved Hugs, the details of which I will be able to provide a lot sooner if I can get the socks done, and working out another pattern idea.

To do these three things I am putting off writing up the second free holiday knit as well as designing the third, which is something I personally need to have right now, which is leading to


which is totally making me wonder why I don't have any chocolate in the the house.

Answer: because chocolate is something I would definitely finish.


Kathleen Taylor said...

The mistake is that you did a wedge toe and now have to Kitchener the end closed, instead of working the much much much easier Star Toe... heh...

Mary Keenan said...

SO much worse than that... though, yes, definitely doing a star toe next time!