Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday's funeral trip was full of unexpected delights, including the sound of my longtime and very dear friend accepting the condolences of her late mother's friends and relatives by bursting suddenly into fluent German, which she did not do in our rooms in residence between our university studies and impromptu dance sessions.

I just love that she learned this language so well, in spite of going to an English-speaking school in an English-speaking town, and has continued to use it throughout her life.

Also, I arrived at the funeral home about 45 minutes early, which prompted a tour of the area and a sudden recollection that my favourite LYS, Stitch, has moved to a new location in Jordan, Ontario - which is exactly where I was. Not only that, but it wasn't on Highway 8, where I expected it to be, but right in Jordan Village, where I went first to see the little museum yard where Pioneer Day is held.

(I can't tell you how much I adore Pioneer Day in Jordan, with its distinctive aroma of open fire, soap cooking in a cauldron, and apple fritters sold in paper bags.)

(or how distressed I am at almost certainly having to miss it this year.)

Not only is the new shop right in Jordan Village - it's right across the street from the museum! So, great view from the inside looking out, and on the inside looking in, outstanding. The shop is also all about quilting and other needle arts, and the supplies are both extensive and inspiring. This new building (in an old house as before) is the perfect setting.

But here's the best part: Jordan Village is the most charming little place, full of historic bed and breakfasts and a view you wouldn't believe over the Escarpment, and pretty little shops and restaurants with world-class chefs and amazing local wines.

So if you are thinking about a yarny or quilty getaway, this is the place to be. Especially this weekend, since Pioneer Day is on Saturday, from 10-4. Best apple fritters ever!

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