Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just thinking

... about chunky and super chunky yarn.

Mostly because of a hat, go figure - an idea's been milling around in my head waiting for me to do something about it and I think it will only work with seriously chunky yarn.

Are you old enough to remember those giant hollow plastic novelty needles people made sweaters out of in the 70s, the kind you still see around a bit today? My sister made a pullover with a red-tipped pair, a checkerboard design on essentially square pieces for the front and back and sleeves and a boatneck that suited her down to the ground. The yarn was kind of a warm tan, and not entirely unlike the size of a rope you'd find on a sailboat.

I'm thinking something that thick would be about right for what I have in mind. But superchunky yarn would do.

Of course, I'm just thinking.

Not buying more yarn!

Because that's not tempting at all.

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